MedFX are dedicated to providing the most compliant, and effective delivery service in the aesthetics wholesale industry. To this end, we’ve made improvements to our temperature-controlled courier service, to help us provide MHRA-approved, reliable, and fast delivery. This brief article will outline the benefits of this courier and how this will affect you. 

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Five important things to note 
  • All orders which contain temperature-controlled products will not be eligible for free delivery and will be charged a delivery fee of £9.95.  
  • We will not be able to deliver any cold chain orders by leaving your package unattended. All deliveries to you practice must be received by yourself or a member of staff. 
  • If you need orders chased or tracked, you will need to contact the MedFX sales team on 01376 532800. 
  • Your packages must be refrigerated as soon as you receive them. 
  • The threshold for free delivery is increasing to £550. And to reiterate, Deliveries which include cold chain products will always be charged a flat rate of £9.50 

The Benefits

Our courier network gives you industry-leading compliance for keeping temperature-controlled products at their appropriate temperatures, even during extreme weather conditions. As the climate changes, and weather patterns become more severe and unpredictable, we wanted to invest in a delivery network which could rise to the challenge. So, we’re working with a network which can distribute in times of extreme heat without delay and has a lower carbon footprint.   


Our specialist couriers drive MHRA-certified safety-checked, sanitised, refrigerated vans. Their drivers are healthcare trained and DBS-checked, and they drive across routes that have been risk-assessed for adverse conditions. Through their use of refrigerated vans, we can reduce the use of 'passive packaging’ to keep materials at an optimal temperature, saving on our carbon footprint. 

Using these specialist vans, we can provide end-to-end refrigeration. Deliveries will come straight from temperature-controlled warehouses, via cooled delivery vans, to your clinic, where a member of staff will receive and refrigerate your order. This minimises the risk of your products ever reaching a temperature they shouldn’t be stored at, which helps to keep your practice and patients secure.  

Finally, each courier has GPS tracking enabled so you can contact the MedFX team for up-to-date tracking information, for additional peace of mind.  

Why will all Cold-chain deliveries incur a fee, and no longer be eligible for free shipping? 

Our cold chain courier network helps us to guarantee secure, reliable, compliant delivery even in extreme temperatures. While this may incur an increase in delivery pricing, it is our belief that the benefits of this service far outweigh the costs.  
MHRA-compliant delivery gives vital protection to your practice, and your patients through maintaining the integrity of your temperature-controlled medicine.   

Why must someone be available in my practice to receive Cold-Chain products? 

To ensure that your order is delivered with the highest level of security and compliance, it’s important that we hand over your products to a professional from the correct clinic who we can reasonably assume is going to refrigerate your order. This is especially important, since your order may not have ‘passive packaging’, meaning it cannot be kept outside for long.  

What is happening with the threshold for free delivery? 

The threshold for free delivery is rising to £550, and temperature-controlled products are no longer eligible for free delivery.   

Five hints to get the most out of your orders. 


Considering how this change may impact how people order with us, we’ve written up some brief tips to help you save money and get the most out of your future orders. 

1 – Order temperature-controlled products in bulk. 

Ordering higher volumes at one time will minimise the number of cold chain deliveries required and reduce delivery costs. 

2 – Double-check whether your product will be delivered through our cold-chain supplier. 

Some high-value ambient products may be delivered through our cold chain supplier, this information should be provided on the product page. 

3 – Avoid mixing orders of temperature-controlled and ambient products. 

If you have an order of ambient products and only one cold chain product, you will be charged the delivery fee, and your order will arrive by two separate couriers. 

4 – Plan and schedule your orders. 

Scheduling your orders will make it easy to bulk order and will help you to keep on top of your stock. This will also help you to plan around seasonal sale seasons, like Christmas.  

5 - Sign up to our mailing list to get alerts on promotions. 

Our mailing list will alert you about upcoming and ongoing promotions, making it easier for you to save on orders, and make the most on time-limited discounts.