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Exuviance Professional

Discover Exuviance Professional

Exuviance® is from the verb ‘exuviate’ meaning to shed, reveal, transform.

Exuviance® offers a complete line of skin-transforming products that address every concern, both in the treatment room and at home.

Founded by globally recognised innovators in clinically developed, effective skincare, who discovered Glycolic Acid and have a deep understanding of skin science at the molecular level.

Where science meets spa

Exuviance® is a dermatologist-developed that has perfected the science of skin transformation by delivering full-strength anti-ageing benefits without irritation.


The comprehensive Exuviance® Line provides professional and home sizes and products, including cleansers, toners, serums, eye care, moisturisers, treatments, masques, body care and the professional peel system.

Why you’ll love this brand

A comprehensive line of complete, customised services and maintenance at home.

High quality skincare for professional use only.

Developed by dermatologists who have perfected the science of skin.

Skin and science

"An effective skincare routine that works cleverly in tandem with your skin's natural processes can be tricky to find. Frequently, it involved plenty of experimentation with products from a broad range of lines (usually with mixed results) - but there are brands you can turn to for all your skincare needs, and be genuinely pleased with the results. Exuviance is one such brand." Vogue, 2020


Exuviance Professional Peels

The Exuviance® Professional Peel System offers professional practitioners flexibility and strength options to address clients specific skin types and conditions.

Exuviance® offers a wide range of protocols for use in the treatment room that effectively address every client concern. The bespoke protocols are clinically developed to provide a superior treatment experience and delight the client.

1. Daily Regimes

Daily cleanse and hydrate regimens for specific skin conditions.

2. Body Treatments

Re-texture and tone the body at home and salon.

3. Targeted Treatments

Potent formulas to integrate into a daily regimen, targeting specific concerns.

4. Professional Only

Products available only to licensed professionals including high-strength peels, treatments and dram sizes of select regimen items.

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Exuviance® Professional

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