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Nourish Your Beauty

Oxygenetix bridges the gap between makeup and skincare so you no longer have to compromise your skin’s health for beauty. Say goodbye to clogged pores, and hello to a whole new way of taking care of your skin.

Oxygenetix was made for the health-conscious, the beauty geeks, the skincare gurus. Those who are affected by skin conditions, and those who want to put their best face forward each and every day. While Oxygenetix topicals were originally designed to heal and conceal your skin after cosmetic procedures, our quickly growing fan base wears it as a safe alternative to everyday makeup.

Empower your patients

By using Oxygenetix, you reduce or eliminate social downtime concerns. The number one reason clients don’t go through with a procedure is they are worried about how they will look afterwards and the downtime involved. Oxygenetix soothes the skin allowing patients to camouflage their procedures empowering them to return to normal activities all because you offer Oxygenetix.

Help patients recover faster and continue with their lives as they heal. Daily use will help to soothe their skin and promote healing. This is often the most important part for the patient. And with the best aftercare, you’ll deliver an even greater service that people will want to recommend.

Vogue loves it

“I recently tried celebrity-favourite Oxygenetix’s Acne Control Foundation and I’ve been obsessed” Clarissa Schmidt, Vogue Associate Producer

Greater healing

The light and breathable formula with Ceravitae™ continually introduces oxygen to the skin. This speeds skin cell production of collagen and elastin, clears up skin conditions, helps heals wounds and leaves skin looking and feeling fresh.

Protection, safety and assurance

Patients feel reassured knowing our products are safe for every skin type. They’ve been allergy, bacteria and non-comedogenic tested. And SPF30 helps to keep your patient’s skin protected without irritation.

Confidence in their skin

Oxygenetix gives your patients confidence knowing they can immediately conceal signs of treatment. While providing peace of mind that their healing process has already begun. Available in 14 shades, scientifically formulated to blend perfectly and enhance natural skin tones.