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Introducing Heliocare

Heliocare provides the ultimate daily protection for your skin against damage caused by daylight, and blue light emitted from screens. Its high-level broad spectrum protection covers not only UVA and UVB, but also visible light and infrared-A.

Beyond protecting your skin at its surface Heliocare is also packed with clinically proven anti-oxidant Fernblock, and DNA repair enzymes to defend your skin from within and keep it healthy.

Products to suit all skin types

Everyone will be able to find a Heliocare product that they’ll love to use every day. Far from a ‘one size fits all’ approach, there are beautiful formulations for oily to dry skin, for those who prefer a matte finish to a dewy and even products that also provide a beautifully natural foundation coverage too.


Fernblock is unique to the Heliocare range, giving it real credibility among doctors, dermatologists and skin specialists. This fern-derived anti-oxidant protects the skin from within in a way that takes Heliocare to the next level of sun protection. Fernblock protects your skin cell DNA, Langerhans cells, collagen… it’s a remarkable ingredient that has been researched and developed for years.

Absolutely love it!

"Have been using and stocking for years! Wouldn't use or havy any other SPF! There's one for every skin type - you literally can't go wrong!" Chandani Bhuida, Mayfair Practice

Training Objectives:

Explore how sunlight damages the skin all year round, and why it’s so important that we protect our skin every day

Learn about the intelligent ingredients that set Heliocare apart from other brands

Find out more about the ways sun protection levels are measured including SPF and PA ratings

Discover each product in the range, and how each one is clearly positioned depending on clients’ skin and product preferences

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Commercial benefits for your business

One of the key benefits to the Heliocare range is that sun protection is an essential part of every client’s regime – regardless of age, gender, skin concern etc. The broad range of formulations means that every client that walks through your door will find a product that perfectly suits their skin and lifestyle. Heliocare also fits in with any other skincare brand – it will sit in any regime that you recommend to a client. Sun protection is even more crucial when it comes to skin treatments. It’s the perfect product to create treatment bundles with, as it gives you and your clients the reassurance that their skin is getting the very best protection.

A favourite amongst professionals

"I regularly recommend Heliocare 350 Gel Oil-free SPF50 to patients for everyday use due to its non-greasy formula and suitability for acne prone skin. The extra bonus is the additional protection it provides against HEVL and IR-A" Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist