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Dedicated to skin health

Clinisoothe+ are dedicated to skin health. They take a different approach to Skin, recognising that skin problems are unique, and for some people, they don’t just affect the face. Their gentle formula has a skin neutral pH and can be applied anywhere on the face or body where breakouts, blemishes, irritation and redness occur.

Purify your skin

Clinisoothe+ protects and purifies your skin from environmental pollutants that contribute to ageing, breakouts and irritation. This science-based skincare uses advanced hypochlorous technology which soothes and calms the skin on the face and body, balancing redness and promoting rapid skin recovery, with visible results.

Skin and pollutants

Our skin acts as a natural shield against pro-oxidative chemicals and physical air pollutants that we are exposed to in everyday life. But prolonged or repetitive exposure to high levels of these pollutants can have profoundly negative effects on the skin, including premature ageing and an increase in the incidence of psoriasis, acne and skin cancers. It can also worsen allergic skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis and eczema.

Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier helps the skin to rapidly recover from harsh exposure to pollutants and contamination caused by the environment we live in.


"The only product I'd ever describe as miraculous" Nicola Bonn, Get the Gloss Expert Health & Beauty


The science

Developed by leading scientists, Clinisoothe+ is the result of many years of research and development to produce a highly effective skin-safe product to combat the effects of the exposome (the social and environmental factors a person is exposed to). The best part? Clinisoothe+ is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin due to its nature replicating formula.

I have noticed a huge difference in my skin

"Since using Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifer I have noticed a huge difference in my skin; it's smoother, clearer and the texture is a lot better" Meg, Clinisoothe+ user


Outstanding results

Clinisoothe+ Skin Purifier is suitable for all skin types to optimise skin health and deliver a brighter complexion.

It's life and skin changing

"Clinisoothe+ is magic. It's life and skin changing. I will never stop using it!" Kate, Clinisoothe+ User


Conscious skincare

It’s not always easy to reduce packaging if your product is a liquid solution. Clinisoothe+ are working hard to make sure that the benefits of the Clinisoothe+ technology are not offset by the resources used to produce them.

All of the components of Clinisoothe+ products are already 100% recyclable, vegan friendly and cruelty free and they already generate a large proportion of their own electric from solar panels at their manufacturing facilities.

As part of their sustainability strategy, Clinisoothe+ are also investigating further ways of minimising their global impact on the environment, including the possibility of adopting biodegradable packaging made from by-product of sugarcane.

If there's one product you need, it's this

"It's probably the single greatest product I've ever used. If there is one product you need, it's Clinisoothe+" Pam Marshall, Mortar & Milk


Clinisoothe Skin Purifier Facial Spray

661215 (100ml)


Clinisoothe Skin Purifier Dropper Bottle

661216 (250ml)