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Introducing Teoxane

Innovative and effective skincare solutions.

Teoxane uses uniquely formulated Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, plump and refine your complexion. It moisturises and tightens the skin while acting as a matrix, rich in ingredients that are gradually released for a targeted response to the visible signs of ageing.

Balancing the codes of premium skincare with the rigor of medical science, Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is an innovative skincare line perfectly adapted and complementary to advanced aesthetic procedures.

TEOSYAL® Products

The full TEOSYAL® range of products consists of unique dermal fillers with differing gel densities and unique properties making each one specific to treating different areas of the face and achieve different results, from prevention of fine lines and/or wrinkles to remodelling the contour of the face.

Skin Concerns

The Teoxane range of cosmeceuticals has been developed to specifically address key skincare concerns and form a complete skincare regimen. From tackling signs of ageing and sun damage to dehydration, blemishes and dullness. It can be personalised to create a daily or nightly routine or personalised to produce a post-treatment care routine. Turning good skin, into great skin.

Why you'll love this brand

  • Innovative cosmeceutical skincare designed to complement procedures and treatments.
  • Combines a good skincare routine with a healthy lifestyle to slow signs of ageing.
  • Achieves and maintains soft, supple and healthy skin.
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