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Introducing Proto-col

Proto-col is a beauty & wellness inside-out system that consists of essential dietary supplements, highly bioavailable collagen formulas and potent topical skincare treatments. Backed by powerful high-grade ingredients, hard-hitting research and clinical studies, each formula helps to promote healthy-looking skin, hair and nails while promoting a healthy and active body.

Inside out: Nutritional supplements

The nutritional supplement range provides essential vitamins and minerals to ensure optimum levels of antioxidants and nutrients are made available for the body that can’t always be obtainable from food. This helps to maintain a balance within the body to promote a strengthened immune system, a healthy gut microbiome and brain health. Compromising the immune system or gut microbiome can cause skin conditions such as acne and skin sensitivity. Green Magic is a plant-based superfood that is packed with antioxidants, protein, dietary fibre and probiotics that helps to balance the gut microbiome, strengthen the immune system and provide a boost of energy.

Inside out: Beauty supplements

The beauty supplement range offers a potent blend of Type I and Type III Bioactive Collagen Peptides that helps to promote collagen production. The collagen supplements are clinically proven to provide anti-ageing benefits for the skin, including a 20.1% decrease in wrinkle volume, 18% increase in elastin while providing additional collagen support post treatments (Botox, derma roller, skin peels, etc). Blood Orange Collagen Shots are a clinical-grade drink that combines 10,000mg of Bioactive Collagen Peptides, zinc, biotin, copper and vitamins B6, C and E to help maintain normal skin and support the formation of collagen. This unique formula is a great way of prepping the skin pre-treatment and healing the skin post-treatment.

Inside out: Potent topical skincare

The topical skincare range combines antioxidant and vitamin-rich formulas that are designed to promote healthy-looking skin. Each skincare solution helps to protect the skin from environmental stressors, including UV damage and pollution while soothing stressed complexions following treatments. Collagen Facial Serum provides a high concentration of active ingredients perfect for use pre, during and post-treatment to deliver optimum hydration levels.