CS Medical Aesthetics and their Experience using SuneKOS

We are CS Medical Aesthetics, a nurse lead clinic that specialises in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Codie the founder of CS Medical Aesthetics qualified as a registered nurse (NMC) from Queens University Belfast in 2019. From there she worked on a fast-paced acute mental health ward and spent periods in other specialist hospital units including children’s mental health, forensics and over 65s, caring for people with various physical and mental health conditions and illnesses. Codie loves caring for others and found her greatest passion in the aesthetics field through her nursing career, which led to her opening CS Medical Aesthetics.

Codie has completed numerous advanced dermal filler, Botulinum Toxin type A and skin rejuvenation courses taught by elite aesthetic practitioners in Belfast, Dublin and London. She has also spent quality time shadowing nurses in highly experienced aesthetic clinics. Additionally, she has completed multiple courses on facial anatomy and managing complications. Codie is committed to seeking out new learning opportunities and strives to expand her knowledge to provide the safest experience with optimal results.

Here at CS Medical Aesthetics we believe passionately in skin rejuvenation treatments. Skin ageing is caused by intrinsic factors (physiological and naturally occurring) and extrinsic factors (lifestyle, pollution, photo ageing). Now we can offer an amazing injectable skin rejuvenating treatment called Sunekos to combat these skin ageing factors and improve your skin quality and health. Sunekos is a very popular treatment in our clinic.

Sunekos is an injectable skin revitalising treatment completely different to dermal fillers. It used a patented formula combining amino acids (the essential building blocks of elastin and collagen) with Hyaluronic Acid. Sunekos regenerates the Extra Cellular Matrix of your skin.

We describe Sunekos as ‘skin fuel’ as it deeply plumps, hydrates and revitalises the treated area. This results in skin regeneration, a reduction in lines and wrinkles, hydration to both the superficial and deep layers of your skin, restoring volume loss and creating a dramatic boost in your collagen and elastin. It is ideal for those wanting to restore a natural youthful appearance and reduce signs of ageing.

Another reason why we love using this product in clinic is because it is a relatively quick and painless procedure, with minimal treatment risk and minimal downtime after treatment… and the results speak for themselves.

The main treatment areas we see in clinic are under eyes, to treat lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Upper lip lines and deep folds around the mouth and also cheeks, particularly those with sunken cheeks. We have gained consent to share some amazing before and after photos.

Let's see what our clients have to say...

“Before getting SuneKOS my skin lacked volume and elasticity. I had fine lines and wrinkles on my face and my skin felt a little 'saggy'. I also had pigmentation from my pregnancies that never really went away. 
When I had my consultation with nurse Codie, she explained everything to me regarding SuneKOS, the benefits and the treatment itself. I left feeling informed and excited to start my SuneKOS journey.
Codie recommended a course of 4 with a 1-week to 10-day interval between each treatment. We focused on my cheek area filtering down towards my naso folds.  
There is minimal pain and discomfort with SuneKOS just like pinpricks and a slight 'pull'. My results after the 4-week treatments were amazing. My skin felt plumper, rejuvenated, and hydrated and it also gave me that 'lifting' effect I was looking for. 
I just had my 6 month top up and I am as happy as I was when I first had my initial treatment. 
My skin feels amazing all thanks to Nurse Codie. I could not recommend this treatment highly enough”
Samantha, CS Aesthetics Patient
“When I decided to have the SuneKOS it was to improve the skin around my upper lip area. Codie was able to put me completely at ease as I was nervous. She talked me through the treatment explaining all the benefits and easing my worries. At first I found it a little bit uncomfortable but it was all done so quickly. I saw immediate results once the swelling reduced within 20 minutes.
I had a 2nd session a couple of weeks later and was delighted at the results. My upper lip area was smooth and a little plumped. A couple of months later I had another treatment of SuneKOS. I have really noticed a great improvement in the skin of my upper lip area. If like me you are scared of getting fillers then I would really recommend this treatment as effective without any risks”
Laura, CS Aesthetics Patient
“I started to notice fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes; every time I looked in the mirror my attention went straight to them!  After having SuneKOS treatments with Codie I noticed improvements in both skin hydration and wrinkles. And today, almost a year after my last treatment I no longer focus on my wrinkles when I look in the mirror... simply because they are less noticeable so I forget about them!!”
Lee-Ann, CS Aesthetics Patient