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Icy Bear

Icy Bear Whitening Strips

Pack 56 | PBI105

Product Details

Icy Bear Whitening Strips have been professionally developed to be unique and cutting edge on the market.

This revolutionary dissolvable strip technology allows a simple and easy ‘one-step’ process. Once applied they rapidly dissolve within 10-15 minutes making them ideal to use on a busy day with no messy gels or liquids involved and no residue to deal with.

When used as instructed their whitening effect makes a considerable, noticeable difference and they immediately start working to remove common stains like, coffee, tea and red wine.

Studies have shown if used as instructed Icy Bear Whitening Strips whiten the teeth up to 7 shades whiter and leave the mouth feeling clean and fresh, giving you that all round dazzling smile. Each application builds on the previous one; for best results, use the Whitening Strips twice a day for 14 consecutive days.

Partnered with Icy Bear Diamond Dust toothpaste experience the ultimate whitening combination.

Contains 56 Strips

Icy Bear code: ICYBEAR-WS