There is a lot for skincare professionals to be excited about with the launch of Galderma’s new Alastin skincare range. This new skincare range includes products and procedure-based treatments which help your skin to produce more of the precious skin cells, collagen, and elastin, using a new patented TriHextechnology. There can be no doubt that collagen-boosting skincare products have had an enormous impact on the skincare industry, butelastin production has been long-sought after as a revolutionary development in anti-aging skin products. So, to help you find the right product for your clinic, we have created a list of each of Alastin's new products, their functions, accolades, and how they can help you.

TriHex™ Technology

Before we start, this may be a phrase you see used a lot when browsing the new range, but what is it? TriHex™ technology is, in Alastin’s own words, an ‘Elastin and Collagen support system.’  Simply put, this is a blend of peptides which help to remove damaged elastin, and encourage the growth of new, healthy elastin and collagen. This peptide blend is also great for maintaining skin health, and daily use encourages healthy elastin and collagen fibres, as well as healthier fibroblasts.

Procedure Support Products.

This line of Alastin Products has been designed to support people who have either received or are about to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Given its properties, it will be most effective for patients preparing to receive most conventional skincare treatments, from microneedling to skin tightening, this range can help to compliment the effects of their procedure and keep your skin healthy regardless of if you are pre- or post-operation.


Skin Nectar

This serum, enhanced with TriHex Technology is specifically made to help strengthen and rejuvenate skin post-procedure. Use of Skin Nectar can often begin immediately post-treatment, and results of improvement are usually clearly visible by day four when compared to other skincare regimes. With skin typically looking healthyand healed by day 7.

INhance Serum

Designed as an effective aftercare treatment for injections. The INhance serum is made with ChromaFADE technology, helping to improve evenness of skin coloration and skin appearance after injection.

TransFORM Body Complex

This body complex serum is made to complement skin post-body sculpting procedure. However, this serum can also be remarkably effective when used as a part of a daily skincare routine, as it helps to improve the appearance of skin texture, firmness, and crepiness.

Daily Restorative Skincare -

These brands have been designed for daily use to provide an anti-aging effect.

Restorative Skin Complex

This product targets multiple telltale signs of aging and helps to reduce them, providing an anti-aging appearance. These signs include wrinkles, fine lines, dull complexion tone, and skin texture.

HA Immerse Serum

A Hyaluronic Acid serum designed to improve skin hydration, appearance, and HA levels. Perfect for dry or dull skin, this serum has the immediate benefit of improving skin hydration and appearance at the surface after application, while also providing long-lasting anti-aging effects. These effects come from increasing HA content in the skin, which improves skin plumpness and hydration.

Restorative Eye Complex

Targeting eyes bags, wrinkles, skin firmness, and puffiness. This complex is designed to improve skin around and under the eyes.

Restorative Neck Complex

This complex is skin-tightening, texture-and-tone-evening, and wrinkle-and-redness-targeting. Using TriHex™ Technology’s peptide blend to aid the skin in creating new elastin and collagen.