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PRP Pure - New Version

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Product Details

One step closed PRP system

Revitalizing and improving skin quality: Increased hydration, skin density and elasticity, reduced wrinkles, and unified skin complection.

PRP PURE Kit contains:

  • 6 x 10ml Medical Device Class II PRP Tubes
  • 6 x Vacutainers (Tube Holders)
  • 6 x 23G Butterfly blood collection needles by BD
  • 6 x 23G 60mm needles by B/Braun
  • 6 x 18G 38mm needles by BD
  • 6 x 30G 13mm needles by BD
  • Client instructions leaflet

Additional Info:-

  • Pure autologous- No additives, activators or GEL. No risk of any intolerance.
  • Individually sterile tubes with anticoagulant (Sodium Citrate)
  • UK produced kit with CE mark – Class II medical device
  • RBC<1%
  • Platelet Harversation > 94%
  • Leucocytes < 4%
  • Easy to perform - one stage closed system, ready to use kit with all accessories
  • Training and Certification - Certified training adapted to medical needs
  • Cost Effective - 6 x10 ml tubes for up to 6 sessions.

PRP-Lab code: