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FILLMED Nanosoft BTE DE 30 Units FM

Box 30 | 600693

Product Details

NANOSOFT by FILLMED is a new CE-certified medical device.

Inspired by vaccine administration techniques, NANOSOFT is a real revolution in aesthetic medicine. It features a new type of needle that provides a one-stop solution for treating the face, neck and décolletage. The injections are very accurate and standardised, making the procedure easier with proven results.

For patients, it guarantees an effective, near-painless procedure.

Comprising of three 0.6-mm long microneedles, made from silicone crystal, it will not go blunt during the treatment. It’s ideal for targeting the dermis with NCTF® , as it will sit just above the epidermal junction, for optimise results.

NANOSOFT is around three times smaller than a typical injection needle.

FILLMED code: 1V40100