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Clinisept+ Skin 100ml

100ml | 670230

Product Details

Cleansing Antimicrobial Skin Care

For use prior to all cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

Clinisept+’s unique high purity hypochlorous provides highly effective skin hygiene and antimicrobial protection against the microorganisms which compromise patient safety. However, unlike traditional skin chemistries that contain alcohol or chlorhexidine, Clinisept+ is gentle on the skin and doesn’t harm, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer. Clinisept+ is so skin compatible that it can also be used following a procedure as an aftercare: apply three times a day to reduce redness and provide the optimum conditions for skin to heal.

  • Meets and exceeds EN 1040, EN 1276, EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 1650, EN 14476, EN 13704, EN1500
  • Skin Safe – skin neutral pH, non-irritant, non-sensitising, non-cytotoxic, dermatologically tested, safe for use on sensitive skin.
  • Easy to use
  • Cools and calms and provides the optimum environment for skin to heal naturally
  • A ‘next generation’ patent pending hypochlorous that redefines hypochlorous chemistries.

Clinisept+ Benefits:

  • Highly effective but gentle oxidising action provides maximum patient safety and protects against complications.
  • Contains no alcohol, chlorhexidine, petroleum or harsh chemicals
  • Is not subject to antimicrobial resistance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-inflammatory - reduces the appearance of redness and oedema
  • Leaves no chemical residue on the skin

100ml Clinisept+ Skin – for patient take-home and aftercare

Keeping recovering skin clean prevents contamination and provides the optimum conditions for skin to heal rapidly. 100ml Clinisept+ Skin is the perfect size for patients to take away to maintain the same levels of skin hygiene at home that they have experienced in the clinic. It features a finely atomising trigger spray which enables it to be misted directly onto the skin thereby avoiding the need to touch the treated area. Mist on, and allow to dry - or apply with a clean gauze or pad. Apply 3 times a day to ensure optimal hygiene and rapid recovery. Clinisept+ is also anti-inflammatory and rapidly soothes and calms inflamed areas. For maximum soothing of irritated areas, soak a gauze or pad with Clinisept+ Skin and leave on the area for five to ten minutes. Recommended for use following any treatment that disturbs the dermal layer.

Clinisept code: CP-SKIN-100