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FILLMED Art Filler Lips Soft

1 x 1ml | 600694

Product Details

Lips Soft is used for the pink lip for natural enhancement. It can also be used in the boarder and in the white lip. TRI-HYAL® INNOVATION

  • 3 types of HA – Natural, Flexible Entangling
  • 3 hyaluronic acids, 3 correction potentials (sculpting, volumising, smoothing), optimal mouldability.
  • 4 Easy-To-Shape Textures
  • Optimised texture tailored to match each injection site: superficial lines, lips, medium to deep wrinkles, volume restoration
  • High Performance & Tolerance
  • Proven over 18 months
  • Optimal Comfort for Optimal Injection Experience

Product contains 0.3% lidocaine, ergonomic syringe. High Quality TSK Needles

FILLMED code: 1V3081