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Sunekos Cell 15

Kit | 600232

Product Details

SUNEKOS CELL 15 is a resorbable, sterile, injectable solution that promotes the recovery of physiological conditions, affected by inflammatory and structural factors, on the microcirculation and interstitial level.

The device acts as a tissue lubricant in edematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathies (EFPs), the primary cause of which is determined by abnormalities of the vessel-tissue exchange with an abnormal increase in the permeability of the capillary-venular endothelial which causes plasmatic exudation and, therefore, interstitial. During this phase, there is an imbalance between the amount of exuding and disposal capacity of the lymphatic system at its origin.

The situation is followed by the mesenchymal response with a fibro-sclerotic component. It acts as an adjuvant in physical or chemical treatments, such as: ultrasounds, pressure therapy, electrolipolysis, radiofrequency aimed at the aforementioned EFP.

The box contains:

  • 1 bottle containing 10,5 ml of a sterile solution of sodium hyaluronate and amino acids
  • 1 vial containing 4,5 ml of a sterile solution of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonat

Sunekos code: D0574