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AirHavn Pro Air Purifier

Each | QTA005

Product Details

Safely maintain patient throughput and help protect healthcare workers from airborne virus transmission. Airborne viruses are known to remain suspended and alive in the air for hours, allowing transmission even after the departure of the source.

AirHavn Pro provides an additional layer of protection to front line healthcare workers by flooding rooms and corridors with large amounts of clean air, reducing exposure to airborne viruses. The high level of air exchanges quickly removes airborne virus particles in just a few minutes. Air filtration provides an extra layer of protection in critical environments by removing airborne viruses and contaminated particulate matter that are known pathways of virus transmission. While the ability of a filter to remove airborne particles is critical, so too is the amount of clean air that the device can produce. The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) combines both the filtration efficiency and the air flow rate. To be effective, an air filtration system needs to be able to produce enough clean air to outperform the sources of contamination.

Key Features:-

  • High Air Flow Capacity: Delivers a massive CADR of 705 m3/hr, enough to provide 24 air exchanges per hour in a typical dental surgery room
  • Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP) Filter: The electrostatic cell filters 99% of particles less than 2.5μm while maintaining high airflow rates. The filter is maintained through simple annual cleaning.
  • Engineered Nano-Carbon (ENC) Filter: The unique ENC filter removes toxic gas pollutants such as ozone, NO2 and VOCs that can be present within buildings and adversely affect respiratory health.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Compact Design: The AirHavn Pro unit occupies only 0.14m2 of floor space, yet delivers 705m3/hr of clean air. Mounted on wheels, the compact unit can easily be moved to where it is needed most
  • Low Power/Low Noise: Consumes only 125W of power, on the highest fan speed, at an ultra quiet 51dB..

Operation: The AirHavn Pro is easy to operate and maintain. Plug-and-play, it can be set up in minutes and has three low noise fan speeds controlled directly on the device. The microprocessor independently controls the performance of the device so that the filtration level can be adjusted to the specific operating conditions. The front control panel reports any faults and indicates when the electrostatic cells need to be cleaned. The device requires a minimum amount of maintenance. With four castor wheels, including two with a braking mechanism, the AirHavn Pro is easy to move and secure in place.

Technical Specification:-

  • Power consumption 125W at highest speed
  • Voltage input 240 V @ 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions H x W x D 840 x 468 x 303 mm
  • Weight 30 kg
  • Certificates EC Declaration of Conformity Directive 2006/42/EC IEC 60335-2-65
  • Warranty on electronic components & motor: 2 Years

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