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Nuceiva GB

Nuceiva GB - 50 Units Powder for solution for injection

50 units | 600015

Product Details

Nuceiva Botulinum toxin type A: 50 units. Powder for solution for injection.

NUCEIVA is indicated for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe vertical lines between the eyebrows seen at maximum frown (glabellar lines), when the severity of the above facial lines has an important psychological impact in adults below 65 years of age.

Nuceiva administration:-

  • Injected intramuscularly into 5 sites
  • 2 in each corrugator (inferior medial & superior medial)
  • 1 in the procerus muscle

900kDa Molecule - A proprietary purified botulinum toxin type A formulation produced from fermentation of Clostridium botulinum.

Reconstitution - 50 units 1.25ml sodium chloride solution

Dosing - 5 x 4 units (0.1ml) : 20 units

Please note this product is only available for Health Care Professionals, NO Pharmacy orders

Nuceiva GB code: 69520